What To Expect In A Good Marina

Looking out over the dock, there are lots of boats and water.  People seem to be having a great time out on the marina, but one wonder what their experience should be like.  If people look happy, then it must be a good marina.

Lady’s Island Marina in Beaufort South Carolina is a marina that has high expectations and can be counted on for great customer service.  The neighborhood surrounding the marina is has all o what people would need within convenience.  The marina itself is near the Beaufort River, and is across from historic downtown.


How do you know if it is good?

Beaufort placed first in the 2013 edition of the “best places to live on the coast” by Costal Living.

What amenities does Lady’s Island Marina offer?  Here are two of them.

?         One Yoga Sanctuary

Lady’s Island Marina offers customers different types of yoga classes and as at least 20 of them through a place called One Yoga Sanctuary.  They offer different types of yoga from Thai Yoga to Hatha to Ashtanga to therapeutic.  For the yoga enthusiast, this would be a place that would be worth looking at.

?         McMillen Yachts:

Ever seen a yacht and wondered if it had been fixed up or not?  Well, McMillen Yachts restores old and classic yachts for their customers, as well as having their own fleet that gets sent out at different times of the year to different places.

?         Wellspring Massage

Located in the Boathouse, which is on the marina property, there is a place people can go to get massaged.  For more information go to the “amenities” page and that will tell you more about the services offered.

Lady’s Island Marina also offers sail repair as well as marine canvas through a place called Journey Marine LLC, as well as Beaufort Design LLC, and Points South realty, which sells property.


As far as pricing for the docking of the boat, Lady’s Island Marina has the prices listed on their web page.  If the user is on the website, goes across the top to “dockage”, click on it, the page will appear that has the prices on them.  It breaks it down by day, and how often for payment as well as for electricity usage.

The Boathouse

The boathouse has all of the businesses located inside of it, as well as three floors.  According to the website, the owners renovated the boathouse in 2013 to give it an updated look from replacing the windows to giving it a fresh coat of paint.  The boathouse is now a blue color and is easy identifiable.


Dockside Restaurant:

An important part of any marina is the food.  It is great to have all the lodging and be able to be on the water, but at the end of the day, someone will want to come up on dry land and sit down for a meal.  Dockside restaurant overlooks the marina, and looks like a barn on the outside.  Various reviewers have given it 4 out 5 stars.  If someone wants to look at the menu or get an idea of what it looks like on the outside and inside, Dockside Restaurant does have their own website that has pictures and an option to look at the menu.

Information about Lady’s Island Marina can be found on their website.

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